Christian Life Community

CLC takes its inspiration from Saint Ignatius Loyola, who founded one of the great spiritual traditions of the Christian Church. 

The aim is to help each other to know Christ better and to seek and respond to what He is asking of us in our lives.

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Finding meaning and hope in every day life

On Sunday 7 August, the CLC Parkville groups will lead a day at the Campion Centre for those 'searching or drawn to a different way of living'. 

The event is open to anyone (especially people not in CLC) who want to experience 'a way of being in the world as lived by St. Ignatius - one of awareness, listening, reflection and connection.' 

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Big Day Out: Fr Andy Hamilton and Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan 

The annual Victorian Christian Life Community (CLC) Big Day Out this year was devoted to interfaith dialogue. Fr Andy Hamilton SJ and Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan explored the place of mercy in their traditions and the way it is embodied in their respective religious practices.

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CLC Victoria turns 40!

On Saturday July 30th, we are gathering in the Pumphouse hotel to celebrate CLC’s 40th Birthday, the past, the journey and what CLC looks like today. Guest speakers Fr Patrick O’Sullivan sj, Tess Gillies, Bill Nicholson and Mary Nolan will speak briefly about their experience of CLC throughout the evening. Friends and family welcome - you do not have to be a CLC member to attend. 

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