Christian Life Community

CLC is a worldwide lay association officially approved by the church and now present in over 60 countries. Each local CLC is a group of people who meet together regularly (usually fortnightly). The aim is to help each other to know Christ better and to seek and respond to what He is asking of us in our lives. A good summary of CLC is contained in the invitation:

              Deepen your prayer

             Share your life story

             Make God-inspired decisions

CLC takes its inspiration from Saint Ignatius Loyola, who founded one of the great spiritual traditions of the Christian Church. This spirituality is encapsulated in his book of Spiritual Exercises. Key phrases include "finding God in all things" and "doing all for the greater glory of God". CLC maintains a close relationship with the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), the religious order which Saint Ignatius subsequently founded.

Who is CLC for?

CLC may be for you if:

· you are searching for something more from your faith,

· you want to deepen your faith and express it in your daily living,

· you feel a need to bring together your whole human life with the fullness of your Christian belief,

· you feel the urge to work for peace and justice in harmony with your spirituality.

· So our communities include men and women, single and married, young and old, each with a desire to deepen their life of prayer and Christian discipleship together.

How do CLC members live?

CLC does not have a rulebook, but a set of General Principles which provide flexible and inspiring guidance.

Living Prayer: We try to pray every day, learning to meditate on the Scriptures and to notice where awareness of the presence of God is growing in our lives. We see the awareness of God's presence in ourselves, in each other, in the sacraments, and in the whole of creation as central to our lives. We grow in our experience of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius through making retreats and using Ignatian methods of prayer.

Living Community: Through regular meetings of our Christian Life Community we becomes friends in the Lord. We share the responsibility for our mission by discerning, sending, supporting and evaluating in our community. We gain inspiration, guidance and support from attending local, state or national gatherings.

Generous Response: We try to witness to Christ's values in our daily lives. Through prayer and community, we discover our own daily call to serve Christ in the home, at work, in the parish, in our local community and through organisations working to reform the unjust structures of society. We take Mary the mother of Jesus as our key model of generous response to God's call.

How do our CLC members gather?

Our gift of self finds its expression in a personal commitment to the world community through a freely chosen local community with a focus of sharing responsibility for mission. Our groups are small, usually six to eight members. We meet regularly in order to develop friendship and a community spirit among ourselves by praying, sharing some of life's experience together, helping and supporting each other in our Christian faith and our daily lives.

The pattern of the meeting varies, but most of the following are normally included:

· 'Check-in': After a short period of silence members are invited to share in a few words, an image or phrase, an awareness of what is happening in them at the moment, on their arrival at the meeting

· Prayer: The prayer time often includes some music and a quiet time (of about 10 minutes) to reflect on a Scripture passage or some prayer material.

· Sharing on the life of each person since the last meeting, especially about where God has been present or absent. This is done in a listening/discerning mode.

· Exchange on an issue or common theme or something someone raises, or a personal decision for feedback from the community.

· Evaluation of the meeting

· Closing prayer


Each CLC group with their Guide finds the form of meetings best suited to the needs of its members within the spirit of our General Principles and in our Australian context.

CLC members are invited also to regional, state and national events, such as the ones on the Events page.

More information

You can get additional information from our Links page, from the National website and the World website. Or contact us.