Christian Life Community

To inquire about joining  CLC email or call Trish Collier 0417 313 614 

Next we try to find a suitable CLC group that could include you, or suggest a suitable next step. This could be simply providing further information for you to reflect on, or indicating where you might do an Ignatian retreat "in daily life".

If you find your first meeting conducive, you are usually asked to commit to a further five or so meetings before your membership of the group is confirmed.

We hope to place people in a group within a couple of months. Occasionally we are able to start a new group.

CLC Victoria has been keen to start new types of groups for young adults whose experience of church and spirituality has been different from older members.

Enquirers should be aware that two factors can make it difficult to place new members quickly. First we do not have enough groups to cover all the possibilities of, for example, age group, area, meeting time. Second, it is a delicate matter for an existing group to incorporate a new member because of the depth of sharing that has already taken place; as a consequence, some groups prefer to wait so that more than one person can be invited to join at the same time.