Christian Life Community

God has made us in his image and has called each one to be

Living icons of his mercy and to love abundantly.

In a world of violent conflict where poverty is rife

We are called to show his mercy and offer endless life.

Mercy, mercy, mercy, let us act without delay.

In forgiveness and repentance let us show a different way.

In the corporal works of mercy let us open wide our heart

So that no one is outsider or is made to feel apart.

Each of us has special talents, and we all have special needs.

In our common human sharing it is oft the poor who lead.

Mercy, mercy, mercy, to the hungry and the poor,

To the naked and the captive and the stranger at the door.

Leave behind severe chastisement, take a remedy instead.

God’s omnipotence is shown in the breaking of the bread.

Spirit pouring out of mercy calls each one of us to be

Active missionaries of goodness to set all people free.

Mercy, mercy, mercy, counsel, comfort and endure,

Pray, instruct, correct, encourage, keeping heart and motive pure.

In the Church, the world, the cosmos we are called to spread God’s care,

Counter selfishness and malice, plant the love seeds everywhere.

We are all connected beings within the cosmic span.

Giving and receiving is part of God’s big plan.

Mercy, mercy, mercy, indifference must die

We must listen to all creatures, harken to their painful cry.

Mary, model of kind mercy as she sings her song of praise

In her joyful contemplation she lives mercy all her days.

Justice calls us to right living, and mercy soothes and heals.

Mother of divine mercy to our age has strong appeal.

Mercy, mercy, mercy. Let anger be refined

Till its energy is channelled to be merciful and kind.

Mary O’Shannessy fcJ