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The bulletin Projects published four times a year, serves as a link between the World ExCo and each national community. It contains material for reflection and links members into the wider CLC. It can be received on email or hard copy by contacting the National Office Manager or (07) 3893 0958. There is no cost for members.

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Annotations is the national newsletter of the Australian Christian Life Community. It is published four times a year and is included with membership:

December 2014; September 2014June 2014March 2014December 2013September 2013June 2013March 2013; December 2012September 2012Annotations Special Edition May 2012March 2012; December 2011September 2011June 2011Annotations Special Edition Formation for Mission May 2011March 2011December 2010; September 2010; June 2010; March 2010; December 2009; September 2009; June 2009March 2009; December 2008; October 2008; July 2008; April 2008.

The newlestter of the Victoria Christian Life Community is published twice a year and is available to all memebers: 

Summer 2015Winter 2015

The CLC publication Progressio published twice yearly, offers reflections on our spirituality and provides a forum for experiences of CLC from around the world. Additionally, one Progressio supplement provides material on our spirituality and formation. Progressio is published in the three official languages of CLC - English, French, Spanish.

Progressio is available free online at the CLC world headquarters web site:

If you wish to receive the printed version, the cost is $40 and is payable to CLC Australia head office before 31 December each year for the following year.

Non-members: If you wish to subscribe to the printed version of Progressio, please contact the National Office Manager on or 07 3893 0958.