Christian Life Community

The following is a list of songs suggested by various CLC members that people may find helpful, or draw inspiration from during prayer or meditation.


·         Miserere Mei Deus (Allegri). Listen                           

·         Aran Boat Song (Aine Minogue).         

·         Seal Beach (The Album Leaf). Listen           

·         One Minute (The Album Leaf). Listen           

·         All Is Lost (Alexander Ebert)

·         Breath of Heaven       (Amy Grant)               

·         Nightingale Seranade (André Rieu). Listen              

·         Le Cygne        (André Rieu). Listen

·         The Lord’s Prayer (Steven Warner and the Notre Dame Folk Choir )

·         Spiegel im Spiegel (Arvo Part) Listen            

·         Who I Was Born to Be (Audra Mae/Susan Boyle)

·         Picture of Jesus (Ben Harper & Ladysmith Black Mambuzo) Listen           

·         I Shall not Walk Alone (Ben Harper). Listen            

·         Magnificat (Beth Doherty)                   

·         Deep Peace (Bill Douglas)                 

·         Silver Joy (Damien Jurado). Listen                

·         With Lightning in Your Hands (Damien Jurado). Listen        

·         Window (Damien Jurado). Listen      

·         Be Still (David Evans & Aled Jones) 

·         I Know You By Heart  (Diane Scanlon performed by Eva Cassidy). Listen 

·         Society (Eddie Vedder). Listen          

·         Gabriel’s Oboe (Ennio Morricone) by          Yo-Yo Ma. Listen.

·         The Falls (Ennio Morricone) performed by Yo-Yo Ma. Listen

·         Silent Joy (Gandalf)   

·         The Ferryman’s Tale  (Gandalf)        

·         The Gospel CD (Gurrumul). Listen   

·         Wiyathul (Gurrumul). Listen              

·         Bayini  (Gurrumul & Delta Goodrum). Listen           

·         Every Breadth You Take (Gurrumul & Sting). Listen           

·         Amazing Grace (Gurrumul and Paul Kelly). Listen              

·         Bless the Lord My Soul (Jacques Berthier & Traditional Taize)        

·         Ground of All Being (Jan Novotka)

·         Concierto de Aranjuez - Villa -A Lobo for Guitar & Orchestra

·         Deep Peace (John Rutter & Aled Jones)      

·         The Wanderer (Johnny Cash & U2). Listen               

·         Vissel   (José González). Listen                    

·         Instrumental    (José González). Listen                    

·         Suggestions    (José González). Listen                    

·         Benedictus      (Karl Jenkins   & London Philharmonic). Listen         

·         No one hurts up here  (Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson). Listen                    

·         Ag Criost an Siol (Liam O Maonlai). Listen              

·         Creator God    (Margaret Rizza)        

·         Silent, Surrendered     (Margaret Rizza)

·         A Blessing       (Margaret Rizza)

·         You Are the Centre     (Margaret Rizza)

·         Greystones     (Martin Simpson). Listen        

·         Trust    (Matt Hammitt)

·         On the Nature of Daylight (Max Richter). Listen                  

·         Dream 3 (Max Richter). Listen                     

·         Everlasting Arms (Mike Scott from The Waterboys). Listen           

·         Holy Ground Instrumental      (Monica Brown)                     

·         Enfold Me In Your Love (Monica Brown)

·         Holy Sacred Spirit (Monica Brown)   

·         Ladies in Lavender (Nigel Hess & Joshua Bell)        

·         On the Beach  (Nigel Hess & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)          

·         Meditation from Thais (Nigel Hess, Josua Bell, Nigel Hess, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)          

·         A Touching Place (Reading Phoenix Choir) 

·         Requiem: VIII. Communion    (Peter Sculthorpe and Adelaide Chamber Singers)

·         Ave Maria (Schubert). Listen            

·         Take, Lord, Receive   (Schutte & St Louis Jesuits)

·         Grace  (Secret Garden). Listen

·         Sometimes When It Rains (Secret Garden) Listen   

·         The Deer’s Cry (Shaun Davey and Rita Connelly)   

·         Untitled #3 (Sigur Ros). Listen                      

·         Untiled #1 (Sigur Ros). Listen           

·         Dancing with God (Sr Briege O’Hara & Marie Cox rsm)

·         Fields of Gold  (Original by Sting) by 2Cellos Luka Sulic & Stjepan. Listen  

·         Lay me Down (The Frames). Listen            

·         Cold is the Night (The Oh Hellos). Listen                 

·         I have made mistakes (The Oh Hellos). Listen                      

·         40 (U2). Listen           

·         Green Arrow (Yo La Tengo). Listen              

Leaving Home (Yo La Tengo). Listen